The ocean holds a tremendous amount of untapped energy. Ocean energy comes in a variety of forms such as marine currents, tidal currents, geothermal vents, and waves. Wave energy is generally considered to be the most concentrated and least variable form of renewable energy. Waves are predictable days and even months in advance making it easy to match supply and demand. Wave energy is a genuinely renewable, clean, safe and efficient energy source.


For many nations land is perhaps the most valuable commodity. Wave power farm occupies unused ocean surface out of sight from the shore.


Ocean Energy Industries addresses the growing demand for energy as well as the environmental concerns related to traditional energy sources by manufacturing and installing WaveSurferâ„¢ systems that generate electricity by harnessing the renewable energy of ocean waves.


To date over 40 MW in WaveSurferâ„¢ capacity installed around the world.


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