The ocean holds a tremendous amount of untapped energy. Ocean energy comes in a variety of forms such as marine currents, tidal currents, geothermal vents, and waves.


Ocean Energy Industries, its subsidiaries and affiliates, address the growing demand for energy as well as the environmental concerns related to traditional energy sources by designing, manufacturing and installing the following direct-drive gearless ocean energy and hydropower devices:

  • WaveSurferâ„¢, a wave energy converter that generates electricity by harnessing renewable energy of ocean waves;
  • Marine Current Turbine, a bladed hydrodynamic turbine designed to harvest renewable energy of ocean currents, including tidal currents;
  • Vortex Turbine, a bladeless hydrodynamic turbine designed for a broad variety of applications from traditional hydro to wave and tidal;
  • WaveSailerâ„¢, a wave energy converter based on pitched-bladed turbine designed to provide electric power to yachts and sailing boats by harnessing renewable energy of ocean waves.


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